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A well-trained in romance chat bot might be all you need on that day (and possibly beyond).

With all the “slightest” pressure that this day you are supposed to spend in someone’s company. Living on the verge of AI singularity totally implies that this someone does not have to be a human to maintain an evening of a flirty-witty conversation.

You could probably program a robot to do these things.”Furthermore, the study found that “the behaviors that mattered most in determining a date’s quality were not those that characterized how participants acted toward their speed-dating partners but rather the behaviors that characterized how participants reacted to their speed-dating partners.” That is, a smooth date is one who does a good job being attuned to their partners, listening and responding to their partner’s on points of discussions and engaging them with attuned follow-up questions.

We can take it as a matter of fact that the movies ‘Her’ (2013) and ‘Ex Machina’ (2015) set the expectations of how a full-fledged AI romantic-oriented bot should converse… Futurist and AI thought leader Ray Kurzweil suggests that this level of conversational interaction is plausible by 2029.

Yet it might or might not be here sooner given that a Tinder bot based on Ex Machina’s main character AI seems to have been able to convince a few unassuming nerds at the SXSW’2015 event.

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