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Montreal has denied Pamela Anderson a permit to launch her latest animal rights campaign for PETA, which will rid the city of the following poster: I’m no expert, but judging from recent pictures of Anderson, I that’s Photoshopped.

That poster eclipses Good Housekeeping’s Michelle Obama ‘shop job.

, Kathleen Alleaume."I would choose Nando's – the classic chicken wrap with lettuce, tomato, light mayo and wrap," she says.

"Half the kilojoules, fat and carbs of the supremo cheese and bacon chicken burger."It's a wrap on the fast food front, and better than a Triple Quarter Pounder supersize meal, but regardless of what you get it is still fast food, right?

"But consumers are predominantly getting apple juice, or in the case of Kale Blazer, orange and apple juice.

"Wholegrain wrap with lots of different coloured veggies, salmon, tuna or grilled chicken and some chilli or vinegar for flavour," says accredited practising dietitian Jessica Bailes."Wraps are often easier to get more vegetables in than sandwiches, wholegrains and vegetables give you the fibre and nutrients you need to stay well, and fish or chicken gives protein without being deep fried."Thai or Vietnamese salads with tofu or prawns "are delicious, fresh and full of vegetables, if you're lucky enough to live or work near vietnamese fast food".Not necessarily backlash, but I’ve had (more than) my fair share of meat jokes and silly comments.A new lawsuit accuses Pepsi Co of misleading marketing over its Naked Juice products.In any case, Pam’s poster says that all animals have the same parts, but something’s missing.the American population eats at least one vegetarian meal per week, but only four percent maintains a vegetarian or vegan diet all the time.

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