Scott porter and minka kelly dating

5.) Street & Saracen were roomies Even though they barely had any scenes together during the first season, actors Zach Gilford and Scott Porter were roommates off the set in Austin.6.) Kyle Chandler is a trooper While the cast was filming the Season 1 finale, Kyle was sick to his stomach -- but he didn't let it affect him on set."I found you in the bathroom throwing up," writer-director David Hudgins said to Chandler during the panel.

"I mean, that's not a hard question," said Britton, when asked what her least favorite storyline was.10."7.) Scott Porter is a cry baby Just because he was in the show, doesn't mean it doesn't make him cry just as much as the rest of us. Before cheering on the Panthers and attending East Dillon High, Minka Kelly was working in medicine. " (Kelly partnered with Trulia, an online hub for apartment and house hunting, to announce the best neighborhoods in America.)Kelly, 35, said that she "auditioned her ass off" for executive producer Peter Berg. "I worked really hard for it, but I had no idea how lucky I was to be working so hard for such a special thing."Kelly’s ambitious and spiritual character was a part of the biggest love triangle on the series.They are the parents to a son named Mc Coy, who will turn two next month. “It feels like someone is really reaching into Lost territory or something…

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