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“He asked if he could stay with us for a few days, and Ida said ‘Yes.’ ” Ida—Doug’s wife and the mother of their four boys—laughed at the memory.

While the power of grassroots organizing was well-known, as were the prototypical benefits of populist movements, there had not been a civil rights-related effort of such scale and diversity in .The second effect is a bit more subtle, but equally important.In the process of disarming the anti-miscegenationists, activists uncovered their own weaponthe power of collaborative actionthat would aid their charge for social reform.He must have made the call from the phone booth at 34th and Union.” The Palmers lived at 1542 Grand Avenue, a few blocks from my family’s house on Madrona Place East.I made the trek regularly to play with the youngest of the brothers, Cam. However, my regular visits didn’t start until about 1965—nearly two years after Bruce’s memorable stay.

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