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Service Status History We have tried pinging i Tunes App Store website using our server and the website returned the above results.

If down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting.

If all the above-mentioned tricks don't help you in fixing the error, then you must contact Apple.

The tech giant will take care of the issue and offer the better solution to it.

Many people will make the mistake, when trying to uninstall i Tunes, of not removing other associated programs that can affect the success of the i Tunes re-install.

Go to the Control Panel and use the Add/Remove function to uninstall i Tunes.

Once you’ve downloaded the Clean Up utility – version 3.0 – scan it for viruses to be sure it doesn’t contain malware or viruses and install.

i Phone users occasionally run into a strange error – the 9, 4005, 4014 / 4013 – that prevents you from upgrading to latest i OS version via i Tunes.

With every new Apple update for i Tunes or i OS, there are many issues like that needs to be sorted out.One of the most popular issue with new i Tunes release is, i Tunes won’t recognize i Phone.We saw many i Phone users posting questions like the i Phone cannot be used because it requires a newer version of i Tunes not recognizing i Phone or why is my i Phone not showing up on my computer.You can easily solve i Phone won’t connect to i Tunes issue with the help little tricks.Here we will tell you that how to If you are an old i Phone user, then you probably know how important following a checklist is in a case of an emergency like i Phone not showing up in i Tunes Windows 10.

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