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No matter how bad things have been between you and your twin, things are about to change with these new energies to support your Twin Flame union. Especially the Saturn retrograde earlier this year from March 25th to August 13th could have brought you some tough lessons to learn, in regards to your twin.It all depends where Saturn hit you in your life, which can be seen by astrologers in your natal chart.Max, Lana, and LOC Group enjoy helping other twin flame partners make the most of this human experience. Other relationships may involve seeking your twin flame, who may or may not be here in this incarnation.A twin flame is literally the other half of your soul that makes you whole, yet at the same time, each twin flame is a complete soul.If you are on the Twin Flame journey then you might have noticed there is a big buzz in the Twin Flame community about the upcoming Twin Flame reunion energy influx that is being felt and predicted by intuitive bloggers and You Tube Twin Flame card readers.

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The eventual results of this unit style identification vary considerably depending on the pair of twins involved and on the specific circumstances of their upbringing.Up until recently, most twin flame halves did not incarnate at the same time, but took turns supporting each other through respective human lifetimes.However, twin flame partners are incarnating together in greater numbers now with the special purposes of helping to maintain timelines, protect and augment energies, and move our world forward, particularly in the times ahead.The term twin flame is becoming increasingly acknowledged and familiar in the metaphysical realm, especially as the numbers of twin flame relationships seem to skyrocket—most likely to help our world with the unique energies, perspectives, and power that twin flame reunions create.A twin flame is quite literally the soul’s other half, which parted before entering the 3rd dimensional experience and human incarnation.

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