Updating outdated dark wood trim in older house

this is the girl who painted her brand-new upholstered chairs and cabinet. I need to exert some discipline because this post is about paint that goes with wood trim, not IF the trim should be painted. and maples of the 90’s, it’s easy to bypass the dark wood trims and doors of the 70’s and 80’s.

The color is a medium brown tone, with some amber hues.

I promise you, that you will get the money back on the home sale. If you say the top one, please just unsubscribe right now!

(Someone did burn that place down to the ground many years ago.) Alright, I’ll calm down because for whatever your reasons, you need to keep the brown trim and there ways to make it look amazing!

to repair all of the damage from ice dams from the winter from HELL in Massachusetts. I hate it— unless it’s done super well and the colors and furnishings are incredibly cool. If there’s white paint and a paint brush nearby, nothing is safe.

I have hideous, badly stained dark woodwork, not nice dark, but leaning towards orange.

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