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Since the bloody repression of protests in Andijan in 2005, the autocratic regime of Islam Karimov has done everything in its power to extend to the internet the absolute power that it wields over traditional media.The government has systematically established institutional structures, legislative tools and advanced technology to guard against any threat from online content.The commission is tightly controlled by the council of ministers, to which the commission must file quarterly reports. This non-transparency extends to procedures for recruiting members.The commission’s principal task is evaluation of online publications to determine their possible “destructive and negative informational-psychological influence on the public consciousness of citizens;” whether they are intended to “destabilize the public and political situation;” and whether they violate Uzbek law.Information Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (available in Russian only) 1 Radzhabi Street Tashkent 700029 The police certificate must indicate all names you have used while in Uzbekistan.The Embassy accepts only original police certificates. Read customer reviews of Uzbekistan hostels, view hostels on map of Uzbekistan and avail of free SMS confirmations.

“Within Uzbekistan, the authorities have created an environment of suspicion where surveillance, or the perceived threat of it, is an ever present fact of life for human rights defenders, journalists and political activists.

looks at the impact of unlawful government surveillance on the lives of seven Uzbekistani people, living within and outside the country.

The cases include a refugee living in Sweden, whose correspondence with family members back home was monitored, and a journalist forced to flee to France after being watched by secret service officials.

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