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It has been a journey that began with tiny little steps, then the occasional leap or stair step, and now the sudden arrival at the destination I am not sure I ever allowed myself to envision: the Age of Hormones. When all is said and done, you want to be with someone who can talk to you, talk to your friends, and laugh with you and make you laugh. Justin Bieber is cute and very talented (in my boring mom opinion), but the saggy pants and that sideways hat tell me that his maturity has not yet reached the level of his talent. Soon, he’ll be stepping out onto the dance floor to begin the dance of adolescence — to fall and be fallen for, to careen from the low lows to the high highs, to feel his heart fill and to feel his heart break, and then to feel how it mends itself, slowly, and only with the balm of time and experience. It’s harder to find that combination than you think. While you are at it, brush your teeth and wear deodorant. To make things even more complicated, sometimes girls will offer themselves to you, sober or not, and you will know that you don’t want the same thing they want or that the situation isn’t healthy for them or for you. You don’t have to lavish anyone with extravagant baubles or dozens of roses, but always give your loved one gifts of some kind on birthdays and anniversaries and holidays. When you love someone, you have to work for that relationship. Ten-year-old children are approaching adolescence and some of them hit major growth spurts around this age.Girls tend to grow at a faster pace around this time, and may actually be taller than some boys the same age.

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Fine motor skills have also become more honed, and many 10-year-olds will be able to draw and write with better control.

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While some 10-year-olds start looking and acting more grown-up, others stay more child-like—physically, emotionally, and socially.

Understanding normal development for 10-year-olds can help ensure you're giving your child the support he needs to become his best.

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