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Likewise, Japanese couples’ communication isn’t characterized by two people lobbing insults at each other, either.

A put-down is a put-down in any language, and no one appreciates being told something hurtful, as illustrated by a survey of the most hurtful things Japanese men and women have been told by their romantic partners. Starting off with this kick in the emotional gonads, the fifth-most cited response by the men was, well, insinuating that because of something they’ve done or said, they aren’t actually men. You’re not kind enough.” 大事にされてない。優しさが足りない。 While no guy likes being told he’s too soft, being called hard-hearted isn’t exactly a compliment, either.

While ordinarily concerned with helping happy couples plan their special day, Anniversaire, along with the researchers from Macromill Surveys, polled 1,400 single men and women aged 20 to 37 as to the most painful things they’d been told by a boyfriend or girlfriend. At the very least, guys want to be thought of as cat punchers, since it shows they’re tough enough to deal with their claws.

The next era begins at the coronation of the new emperor. Both western and the Japanese one are used in daily life. The most successful Japanese rock band who has sold more than 80 million records.

In 2007, B'z became the first band from Asia to have their handprints and signatures put up in the Hollywood's Rockwalk.

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