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Advantage in Vintage: I think one of the biggest misconceptions out there with relation to vintage clothing is that plastic zips didn’t exist before the late Fifties. Today I will show you some different zips and ways of spotting particularly early ones, as this is always greatly useful in dating vintage clothing.The zip as we know it today was actually first patented in 1913, although it wasn’t not really used for fashionable clothing until the Thirties.Crocheted covers like pink one shown here were stuffed with powder puffs to use as pincushions and popular in the 1920s-30s.Cushion contiains a 1940s toilet pin and 1/2″ brass safety pin c WWI.Wolverine fur forms a hem around the base, above which is a decorative geometric design made of dark-brown seal fur, red linen, and off-white ermine fur.

The body and hood are made of muskrat fur; the hood is trimmed with wolf fur.Trained as an electrical engineer, Sundback was a remarkably clever and astute mechanic.He analyzed with care the key elements of the automatic hook-and-eye, and concluded that the hook-and-eye model was not a suitable one for any kind of automatic fastener.Zips before the Thirties were metal, although in the early Thirties a number of companies began to experiment with using celluloid (plastic) to make zips.Schiaparelli was a pioneer in the early usage of zips.

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